The Devil With The Blue Dress…Moral Rights and The Clinton Portrait

Artist Nelson Shank made headlines this week by stating his interpretation for the shadow depicted in his presidential portrait of Bill Clinton.   He claims the famous blue dress of Monica Lewinsky is the basis for the painting’s shadow.  In an interview shown on NBC’s Today Show, the artist acknowledged the muse in the form … More The Devil With The Blue Dress…Moral Rights and The Clinton Portrait

The Copyright Summer Blockbuster

Originally posted on Statute of RyAnne:
Maria Pallante, who holds the honor of being the Register for Copyrights in the United States Copyright Office, released mid-week the first major update in over two decades related to administrative practice. A public draft of the Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practice – Third Edition, or as I…

Facebook’s Windfall

Corporate Tax reform is a shifty goal. Companies seek to lower the 35% rate while suggesting the other guy’s deductions be eliminated. As the NYT reported today, Facebook received a substantial tax deduction on Founder Mark Zuckerbergs cashless exercise of options…. Facebook is the classic example. Its co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, had options to buy stock … More Facebook’s Windfall

Top Ten Trademark Registration Benefits

Brand development requires distinctive marks used to identify your goods or services.  Registration of these marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ” USPTO” confers a number of benefits.  Here are some of the most important. 1.  Exclusive Nationwide use of the trademarks for branding and building sales through advertising and marketing, therefore … More Top Ten Trademark Registration Benefits