Copyright SO Easy Even a Monkey Can Do It?

Ryanne has captured the essence of copyright law applied to photos…An enjoyable, humor filled read…takeaway is…if you didn’t press shutter, you don’t own copyright…

Statute of RyAnne

Monkey see. Monkey take a selfie? Then, monkey owns a copyright? That is what British nature photographer David Slater is claiming.  When he retrieved his camera from a group of monkeys who decided to play with the device, he found a very good up close and personal photograph taking by the monkey. Slater is claiming copyright ownership in the photo and arguing that it should not be in the public domain. He has not convinced me.

Slater is a nature photographer and was in the business of photographing monkeys when the animals became intrigued with the camera. According to the story with CNN,HERE, the monkeys took the cameras and started pressing the shutter button. What resulted is this photo below.Monkey Selfie

Slater is now in dispute with the creative commons website because the photograph was placed on the Wikipedia website for all the world to use. The editors of Wikipedia claim…

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