A Facebook New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year Readers! Have you ever wondered if the Facebook NewYear’s Resolution really protects your content? It doesn’t. To find out why read on…

Statute of RyAnne

I have a resolution for you that will be easy to keep. I’ll give you a hint. You can spend a lot of time with it. It shows up about every 4 to 6 weeks. You always preface your actions by saying “better safe than sorry” or “I wasn’t sure, so I want to be safe.” Your friends jump on the bandwagon too. What I am talking about?

This. This right here.


It’s the Facebook notification you post as your status that tells all of Facebook and your Facebook friends that all photos, status posts, anything you share or anything you comment on is yours forever and ever amen.

How plain can I make this next statement? It’s an online hoax. It was an online hoax last month. It was an online hoax six months ago, and it will continue to be an online hoax a year from now. If…

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