Top 5 Biggest Copyright & Trademark Stories of 2014 … So Far

Here are my picks for 2014. Copyright: Aereo tech found by US Supreme Court to be infringing. Trademark: Redskin trademark being cancelled by USPTO pending appeal…..See reblog of Statute of Ryanne for more:)

Statute of RyAnne

Isn’t Fall such a reflective time?  Mississippi is just barely starting to get a glimpse with sometimes cooler temperatures earlier in the morning.  As we approach a new season, let’s revisit what has been the biggest copyright and trademark stories of 2014 … so far and according to what you all most read on Statute of RyAnne.

Money5.  Making Money From Your Smartphone

Who couldn’t use more money?  This posts examines how a new app called Foap has the ability to make those Instagram and selfie photos earn you some extra cash.

4.  Selfie Felt Around the World

As we rang in the New Year, I predicted the issue of celebrity and ownership rights would become even more of an issue in my post, Entertainment Law Predictions for 2014This post examines ownership rights and who owns the selfies in those famous celebrity group shots like the one Ellen DeGeneres took at…

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