Finding Balance with Yoga, Trademark and Copyright Law

With an ever evolving 10 year yoga practice, Ryanne’s blog presents the context for some of the headlines we’ve been reading about Bikram’s copyright claims. Bottom line, Bikram Yoga is a brand and to that extent capable of IP protection through trademark law. However, there’s no copyright available for ancient poses that predate all of us.

Statute of RyAnne

It is obvious intellectual property issues weave their way into creative businesses, such as music, writing and film. What I think is most interesting is how intellectual property issues are finding their way into nonobvious businesses. Outside of simply trademarking the name of the business, because of social media, all businesses are now creators of content. My post today talks about a nonobvious, but growing business – the yoga studio.

I took my first yoga class in early January 2014 as my New Year’s resolution of a “new thing” to try. I quickly fell in love with it. When I’m not playing lawyer, you can usually find me on my mat. ALL the benefits you read about in the health magazine are true, and then some! It’s one of the best things I do just for me. In addition, I have met some truly lovely people I would not have…

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