Part 1: Copyright & Trademark Law for the Wedding Industry

As Father of a 2016 Bride To Be…I’ve enjoyed reading many personal services contracts incident to the happy occasion. Since when did weddings become such a commercial enterprise? Of course, I did ask the prospective photographer about use of the wedding pictures and was told I should be honored to have my daughter’s image splashed all over his marketing materials…We came to a more satisfactory arrangement. Here’s the copyright and trademark take from Statute of Ryanne, one of my fav IP Blogs. Enjoy.

Statute of RyAnne

What’s not to love about a wedding? There are flowers, music, good food, it is expected you eat cake and also dance ridiculously. If I could choose any profession besides my own, I would be a wedding planner and have even been known to help friends from time to time in this area. Simply, I love love.

My mind has been on weddings because in a few weeks The Hubs and I will celebrate 5 years! We married on a September morning in a garden at Disney World with a few family friends.  This week’s post and next week’s post will be dedicated to the intellectual property issues that are the bird seed of the wedding industry. This week, let’s talk about photography.

shoesWhen it came time for us to say “I Do,” the photography and location were the most important aspects to us. A few years earlier, Dan and I…

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