Trademark Intent to Use

Trademark law allows for filing an application for federal registration of a mark based on a good faith intent to use the mark in commerce.  After examination by the USPTO, a Notice of Allowance is issued.  The applicant then has an initial 6 month period in which to file a Statement of Use attesting to the use  of the mark in commerce.  The period of time for use may be extended in 6 month increments not to exceed 3 years. Upon approval of the Statement of Use by the USPTO examiner, the federal registration is completed.   This provision is helpful to a business seeking to secure rights in a mark before making an investment in product development, packaging  and promotion.   Though, I have had a client use the provision where the examiner objected to the adequacy of the specimen for a services mark.  Building a brand often requires a significant investment in a portfolio of trademarks and federal registration of these marks goes a long way to protecting this investment.

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