Essential Points of Web Developer Agreements

Clients of my practice usually either have a website or are planning to get one. From an intellectual property “IP” standpoint, the developer agreement is critical to ensure the right content and code necessary for your business to attract clients and customers. There are many terms to consider including project scope, testing, hosting, ownership, payment … More Essential Points of Web Developer Agreements

Contributory Copyright Infringement By Inducement

Another recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals case addressed contributory copyright infringement, in this case under the theory of inducement. Here, the Plaintiff movie studios sued the Defendant for maintaining websites that induced third parties to download infringing copies of the studios copyrighted works. The Federal District Court granted an injunction at the Summary Judgment … More Contributory Copyright Infringement By Inducement

Prior Art Defeats Electronic Commerce Patent Claims

An interesting Electronic Commerce “EC” patent case was recently decided by the Court of Appeals Federal Circuit “CAFC” overturning a patent infringement verdict and vacating a $2.5 M damage jury award. The Plaintiff, Soverain, bought the patents and all rights to the Transact software electronic commerce platform “Transact” in a bankruptcy sale and sought to … More Prior Art Defeats Electronic Commerce Patent Claims