When “Forever” Is Not Forever

Ambiguity in a contract never favors the drafting party. This basic principle of contract law came back to bite Marvel Comics in a recent Court of Appeals Second Circuit decision, Friedrich v. Marvel, regarding copyright renewal. Gary Friedrich, Plaintiff, allegedly authored or at least co-authored a series of stories and screenplay depicting the fictional Ghost … More When “Forever” Is Not Forever

Essential Points of Web Developer Agreements

Clients of my practice usually either have a website or are planning to get one. From an intellectual property “IP” standpoint, the developer agreement is critical to ensure the right content and code necessary for your business to attract clients and customers. There are many terms to consider including project scope, testing, hosting, ownership, payment … More Essential Points of Web Developer Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreement: So What’s The Point?

Clients often are concerned, and rightly so, about disclosing their ideas, plans, business models, etc. to potential partners and investors. Oftentimes I’m asked to prepare, or more often download one of the many forms online, a non-disclosure agreement “NDA.” This agreement usually sets forth various terms with regard to the use of any information or … More Non-Disclosure Agreement: So What’s The Point?